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Elsewhere 04

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Elsewhere is a Berlin-based English-language quarterly print journal dedicated to involved and intelligent writing about place, whether from travel writers or local ramblers, deep topographers or psychogeographers, overland wanderers or edgeland explorers. 

Elsewhere publishes drifting excursions through city suburbs and journeys on foot along the ancient old ways; written sketches of airports and market squares, forests and riverbanks; the legends that linger on mountainsides and the folklore of the flatlands; the everyday realities of island communities and the streetlife of city neighbourhoods.

Elsewhere also features interviews with those for whom place is central to their work


London, England by Jeanette Farrell
“Ormside Street exemplifies all of Bermondsey’s highlights: an industrial street surrounded by industrial streets that finally reaches the river on its serpentine bend. Tumbledown buildings are interspersed with murky laneways and, if it appears sinister, a quick internet search on the local area will confirm that it is..”

Papua, Indonesia by Ho-Ming So Denduangrudee
“The necessity for mapping is borne from a world that tells entire communities that what they know of themselves and their surroundings is not enough, is not real, not in any way that counts. Communities shoulder the burden of fixing the inhumanity of a system they never chose to partake in, that tells them everyone is equal, but whose first inclination is to ravage their lands and destroy their existence without a second thought.”

Prague, Czech Republic by Paul Scraton
“I stop now at the point where Palach died and where, laid into the cobblestoned pavement, a sunken cross has been left in memory of the two young men. As I stand there, people pass either side of me, on their way to work or to the station, following their daily routines.”

Madeira, Portugal by Ellie Broughton
“Inside the jamjar-tight lamp, the technician unclips the curtains and turns the light on by hand. Buttery electric light floods the great glass lens. As the lens spins, the gold beam orbits the lighthouse, shining its bright face on nearby hills."

Pilbara, Australia by Peter Papathanasiou
“For mile after mile, the brown draughty tufts and spindly trees of Australia blurred by. The heat hit me like a blast of dragon’s breath. My sweat evaporated before it had a chance to pool, the moisture sucked right out of me as soon as it emerged. In the distance, mountains loomed out of the sky, and the rumbling of machines shattered the silence of spinifex country.”

Hilo, Hawaii by Robert Savage
“The camps have become beachheads. A taking of territory and a flashpoint for skirmishes with those who dare to encroach. Non-islanders are not welcome here. They are part of the problem, and often a part of the country that promised so much, took a lot, and failed to give back the gains needed to quell impoverishment.”

Rhoscolyn, Wales by Paul Scraton
“If I dream of home, it is not the lettuce fields of the West Lancashire plain, but the white horses of the Irish Sea, dancing around the rocks of Rhoscolyn beacon or the mouth of the bay..”

Published in Berlin in September 2016

Edited by Paul Scraton and Julia Stone