Auri Sacra Fames No.5

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Graffiti Writing Magazine from Berlin Issue #5 (Jan. 2017)

236 pages packed with catchy tags, unknown trains and exclusive insights into the cities most active and most interesting writers. We’re proud to present you one of the most iconic trainwriting crews ever: 20 Years of DRM! On over 50 pages they take us on a journey from there first steps in the 90s, to the 2000s when they were Berlins most wanted. Beside big S-Bahn and U-Bahn chapters we present you four writers and crews which stand out of the mass when it comes to quality and/or quantity: IMK, Boaone, Cream and TrainLeistungsSport. 

– Special Cream
– S-Bahn
– Special IMK
– Special DRM – 20 Years
– Special Boaone
– Special TrainLeistungsSport
– U-Bahn

Din A4, 236 pages, high quality printing, softcover

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Auri Sacra Fames No.5

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