CPT.OLF: Dannenroeder Forst

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Olf has been documenting the protests occuring in Dannenroeder Forst where, on the 5th December 2020 the group "Ende Gelände" proclaimed a period of civil disobedience in Dannenroeder Forest. Hundreds of activists blocked the paths through the woods to prevent further deforestation and halt the construction of the new motorway A49 which would connect the cities of Gießen and Kassel (where a road section already exists but currently leads nowhere). 85ha of the ancient forests are projected to be felled in total, 27ha of them are located in the Dannenrod Forest.


Images by cpt. olf

Published by Der Pulk

Second edition of 100

Printed in Germany in april 2021


About the artist

Olf (*1994) is a Berlin-based and internationally active photographer whose work is strongly influenced by the artistic documentary tradition of photography. All of his work is published under his alias OLF. Born and raised in the south of Germany, OLF discovered his passion for photography after his older brother gifted him his first polaroid camera when he was only eight years old. After moving to Berlin in 2016 he quickly began to document and appreciate the work of different subcultures, mostly urbex and graffiti. OLF’s work has been exhibited all over the world most notably in Berlin, Brussels, Melbourne, China and Rome. He currently resides in Berlin working on international long term projects

Product details

CPT.OLF: Dannenroeder Forst
5,83 x 8,27 inch
14.8 x 21 cm

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