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Broken Fingaz - Bottleneck Solo Show at Urban Spree: The Print Show

  • Oct 13, 2013

HAMAM2The Broken Fingaz Crew has produced a series of 16 original screen prints as part of their 'Bottleneck' solo show at Urban Spree in Berlin that opened on October 10th, 2013.

The prints were produced at Mother Drucker’s screen print studio at Urban Spree by the crew itself. A total of 16 different prints has been edited, in limited runs from 20 to 40 prints in each design (3 by Deso, 4 by Tant, 3 by Kip and 6 by Unga). This part of the exhibition insists more on the individual skills and universe of each artist of the crew (Tant's skeletons, Unga's Fat Man series...), a print work  that resorts only to a limited colour use (a maximum of black + blue + red or black + red + pink on a light brown print paper).


Overall, if each crew member develops a personal universe, the coherence, unity and strength of the collective can be seen throughout.

The prints are available exclusively at the gallery in Berlin or online on the Urban Spree webstore here.


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