7.02.2022 - 7.02.2022
NIGHT BEATS // Berlin // Urban Spree
7.11.2021 - 7.11.2021
Bleib Modern • M!R!M • Berlin
23.04.2022 - 23.04.2022
Los Bitchos | Berlin
17.05.2022 - 17.05.2022
Sugar Candy Mountain • Berlin
4.05.2022 - 4.05.2022
Sports Get A Good Look World Tour | Berlin
9.10.2021 - 9.10.2021
Bananagun • Urban Spree • Berlin
5 Minutes with 1UP
Orsten Groom: The ‘Mud’- An Interview with Max Dax
Orsten Groom's "CHROME DINETTE" series to be exhibited at Urban Spree
Hendrik Czakainski's Upcoming Exhibition: Nonpoint Sources
"Check your Privilege": a new mural by the Low Bros
Sicoer: Rooftop Exploration
Arbeitstitel completes the 4th and final wall of the StillStand Project
"THIS!": 3rd Print in the Mode 2 "Lockdown" Series
"Oh Sh...": 2nd Print in the "Straight outta Lockdown" Mode 2 series
Mode 2 x Urban Spree: "Straight Outta Lockdown" HPM prints to be released
Sicoer: "Explorations" is on view until 25.07.2020 at Urban Spree Galerie
Coco Bergholm completes the third wall of the #Stillstand Project
The #StillSTAND Project 2 with Ida Lawrence
Urban Spree Prints releases "Animal Spirit" by Marina Mika
1UP Crew in Napoli (Part II)
Sicoer: "Explorations" Solo Show Opening
The #StillSTAND Project kicks off its first wall with Howtokillagraffiti
#StillSTAND Project's Vorspiel: Johannes Mundinger and Señor Schnu
1UP Crew in Napoli (Part I)
United We Stream #53: Urban Spree / ARTE Concert
StillSTAND: A Mural Initiative for Berlin Artists
Mode2 and Urban Spree release "Never Too Late..."
New Hoodie Release: Urban Spree x Paradox
"WALLS" exhibition extended to March 14th, 2020