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"Here Comes the Bad News": New Solo Show with Jim Avignon

  • Aug 06, 2019
Jim Avignon returns to Urban Spree Galerie for his second solo show "Here Comes the Bad News", 2 years after « Permanent Jetlag ». In his only exhibition in Berlin for the year 2019, Jim Avignon describes the mood in the world and in Berlin in particular with his usual wit. Gentrification, Global Warming, Surveillance Capitalism, Alt Right... here comes indeed the bad news. His paintings are a mash-up of cartoony figuration, expressionistic composition, - a maximum of expression with a minimum of lines. Jim Avignon is a painter, illustrator and conceptual artist. Always ready to confront the establishment he is torn between pop art, street art, Picasso on acid or simply being the fastest painter in the world. His signature style consists of vivid colours, a biting humor, unpretentious materials and a mind numbing output. His art works like pop music in DIY mode. According to the legend, the artist became stranded in the Provence city of Avignon at some point in the '80s when his car unexpectedly broke down. He resorted to painting Dali images onto pavements, gradually raising money to repair his car. The name stayed. In the early 90s, he became an ubiquitous painter of the techno movement, designing makeshift clubs and Love Parade trucks. By creating a colorful flood of affordable, rapidly-produced works, Jim disrupts the well-oiled art market and pervades it with black humor and self-irony. Avignon's images caricature the modus operandi of the art market and are also aimed at people who are bored or deterred by the gold-framed aura of so-called high art. "Good Artists Go To The Museum, Bad Artists Go Everywhere".   Jim Avignon "Here Comes the Bad News" Solo Show at Urban Spree Galerie Vernissage: Friday, August 09th, 2019 Exhibition: 09.08.2019 - 08.09.2019 Urban Spree Galerie Revaler Str. 99 10245 Berlin Info and catalogue:
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