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Nils Müller: Vandals

  • Jun 29, 2013
'Vandals' is Nils Müller's second published photobook after 'Blütezeit' in 2009.


Published by Publikat, 8 years in the making and based upon Nils' own experience as a former writer, the photos bear witness to the elaborate level of planning required to carry out the acts and highlight team spirit as well as heightened emotions and tension, as trainwriters attempt to evade motion detectors and security cameras while scaling barbed wire fences. 'Vandals' reveals the atmosphere, emotional tension, passion and teamwork behind each act of urban vandalism.

A selection of photographs from the 'Vandals' series was exhibited in June 2013 at the gallery Ruttkowski 68 in Cologne. The book is available in the webstore here.
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