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Nunca - New Mural in Berlin

  • May 28, 2013

Nunca painted yesterday a mural at Urban Spree. In his unique and remarkable style, the Paulista grafiteiro delivered a stunning Berliner punk, based upon his street observations around Urban Spree, namely the Warschauer Str. punks.

Francisco Rodrigues da Silva (aka 'Nunca') is, together with Os Gemeos, the foremost Brazilian street artist. He creates images that confront modern urban Brazil with its native past. His tag "Nunca" means "Never" and is an affirmation of his determination not to be bound by cultural or psychological constraints - "Nunca para as limitações culturais e mentais".

Nunca's works are described as narratives that tell complex stories. Nunca started to produce striking, intensely coloured figures inspired by indigenous Brazilian culture. The artist makes active use of the city as a medium, his characters witness and interact with the city and its people, hence the punk thema in Berlin. Nunca has exhibited in Brazil at the Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo and around the world. He was invited by Tate Modern in the UK to exhibit his works.




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