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Twoone / Hiroyasu Tsuri Urban Spree Residency in video

  • Aug 27, 2017
A year ago in July 2016, Urban Spree Galerie invited Twoone / Hiroyasu Tsuri for a full 3-week residency in the gallery, a first experiment into using the gallery as a creation and dynamic space rather than a space to hang artworks. The public was welcome to see the creative process and day-to-day progression of the residency. Once the show was complete, it was open to the public for one night and a day and then ended. [metaslider id=13627]   Over the course of the residency, Hiro created multiple large format artworks on canvas and plexiglas, a neon installation and 2 large canvases in collaboration with Jun Inoue, in a very energetic live painting session. In addition to indoor works, Hiro painted the Urban Spree Artist Wall (15 m x 8 m). [metaslider id=13649]   Last but not the least, Urban Spree Books released a risographed zine "Berlin 2014-2016", a collection of portraits sketched in the streets of Berlin during the past two years. Christiania Krueger filmed the whole performance and we are releasing now his video, divided in 3 parts: indoor artworks, live painting ant mural painting. [vimeo id="230917307"]
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