Jonni Cheatwood

Catch Me If You Can, But With Bus Driver

  • Unique Work
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Catch Me If You Can, But With Bus Driver
55,12 x 66,93 x 1,97 inch
140 x 170 x 5 cm
Acrylic and Oil Paint on Sewn Canvas Fabrics
Unique Work


"Catch Me If You Can, But With Bus Driver" is a large canvas painted by Jonni Cheatwood in Berlin during a summer residency at Urban Spree Galerie in June 2019. The painting was exhibited for his solo show "Tyger Tiger" at Urban Spree Galerie in July 2019.

About the artist

Jonni Cheatwood (b. 1986 in Thousand Oaks, California) incorporates found fabrics into his canvases, which he himself cuts and sews, in order to create variations, a sense of appropriation and move away from the uniform surface of the canvas. Acting as time and identity markers, some fabrics have geometric patterns whereas some others are figurative or overly pop. Once the patchwork is assembled, Cheatwood paints blocks and shapes of colors on it, adding multiple layers of paint and agglomerating texture, freely outlining shapes to convey dynamism, movement and balance. Recently, Jonni has been focusing his work on figurative motives.

He had until now 2 shows at Urban Spree: "Tyger Tyger" in 2019, a residency in situ followed by his first solo show in Germany, and "Second Wind" in 2023.

He lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

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