Alias: Fake Smile 2

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Alias: Fake Smile 2
Stencil/spray-paint on street posters -Framed
Unique Work



"Fake Smile"

Stencil and Spray paint on Street Posters mounted on a wood plate

64 x 84 x 4 cm Framed (Artwork: 60 x 80 cm)

Wooden white frame



About the artist

ALIAS was born in Berlin in 1980. He has been painting with stencils on the city's walls for many years, and is now recognized as an important artist in the German capital's street art scene.

As a witness of the city mutations, he has always taken into account the context of the walls and streets placed his characters accordingly in the city. He is usually painting children or teenagers, expressing the solitude and revolt of youth in the city as a mirror of his own identity or that of the city. He always looks for old material in abandoned factories in and around Berlin which he then assembles as backgrounds for his works. 

ALIAS artworks have been widely exhibited across Germany and in Europe.

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