Victor Ash

Astronaut / Cosmonaut - Light Brown Gradient

  • Unique Work
  • 1.500,00€


Astronaut / Cosmonaut - Light Brown Gradient
27,56 x 39,37 inch
70 x 100 cm
Acrylic on Paper
Unique Work


Original hand-painted stencil on paper based on the iconic mural painted in Berlin Kreuzberg in 2007.

Each painting of the astronaut is unique, owing to specific color patterns, shades and gradients.

100 x 70 cm


Signed and stamped

Without frame


The work can also be sold framed (exactly like in the profile picture) with a Classic Alu 8, Black matt, Artglass AR 70 (anti-UV, anti-reflective museum quality glass) for 250€ extra and some extra shipping costs. For this, please contact us at 

About the artist

Victor Ash (*1968) is a visual artist and muralist based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Author of renowned artworks in the public space (amongst all the famous Berlin's Astronaut/Cosmonaut Wall), Ash started his careeer by writing graffiti in France in the mid-80's with his Crew, the BBC (Bad Boys Crew).

He has painted 2 murals at Urban Spree - the "Moon" in 2017 and "Blackstar in 2019 which both belong to the Bowie trilogy started with the Astronaut in 2007 and held a first solo show in 2017 for the 10-year anniversary of the Astronaut wall. 

His main themes are the exploration of space, developped through iconic paintings and murals. 

Other works by Victor Ash

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