Lars Wunderlich

Fear of Lies in the End

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Fear of Lies in the End
19,69 x 27,56 x 1,57 inch
50 x 70 x 4 cm


Lars Wunderlich: Fear of Lies in the End

Acrylic Paint on Canvas

50 x 70 cm 



About the artist

Lars Wunderlich (b. 1981 in Neubrandenburg, GDR) is a German post-graffiti artist, member of the 9-member street art crew « The Weird » (Nychos, Low Bros, DXTR, Vidam…) under the moniker « Look the Weird ».

Lars Wunderlich crafts and paints visual collages, replicates portraits generated by algorithms, and juxtaposes different time elements which generate collisions, distortions and glitches, to better highlight the unreal nature of those representations and the danger thereof.

His paintings bear some similarities with the « New Leipzig School », albeit with technology at the core, and aesthetics boosted by Artificial Intelligence and modern faux-semblants. They are representations of non-existing representations, real but fake, distorted, whether by time, space, speed, or truth. A perpetual collision of images.

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