Total Temporary

Total Temporary: A-UN Residency

  • Jul 25, 2021
  • Aug 08, 2021
  • Free entry
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Total Temporary
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About the Exhibition

Total Temporary is a mixed multimedia project, combining mediums of sound art, visual, film, and digital art.
Total Temporary are: Hiroyasu Tsuri (a.k.a. TWOONE), Christiania Krueger, Joshua Murphy as one. 
Between the 25th of July and the 8th of August 2021, the three artists will occupy the Urban Spree Galerie, undertaking an Open Residency exploring new works created spontaneously within the space, whilst exhibiting past works, creating an immersive audiovisual experience within the gallery space. All sounds are composed and recorded, footage captured and art constructed together.
A limited edition screen print series has been created during the Art Residency of Total Temporary. The screen print comes in a very limited run of 25 signed and numbered prints.

Each print is unique, as each background has been primarily hand painted with watercolor and spray paint and each print has been produced with a different color range before the actual printing.

The print is available at Urban Spree and online as of August 6th at 10:00 am.

Available artworks

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