Mode 2: Touch and Feel Some More

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“Touch & Feel Some More” is a brand new screen print edited by Urban Spree Prints in 2021, produced in Berlin by Oliver Nerlich Studio and joining the 2 re-releases "Armchair" and "Bremen Couple" as part of the third wave of Mode 2's "Straight Outta Lockdown" prints.

"Touch & Feel Some More” comes in a regular edition of 69 prints, signed and numbered as well as a super limited hand-sprayed version of 9 prints only.


"Back in summer 2003, I released a pair of prints at what was still called PYMCA, before it became Pictures on Walls (POW); a limited edition prints studio and shop, run by Steve Lazarides and Banksy ; groundbreaking at the time...

.The original “Touch & Feel” was an edition of 69 signed and numbered copies, and it sold out in record time; probably because of the subject matter. What was really reassuring for me is that a LOT of girls liked it just as much as the boys, so I must have hit the right note.

I have always been interested in erotica, and even where it becomes borderline pornography, but I strive to make sure that sensuality and sexuality does not wander over into sexism. Some have criticized me for the objectification or fetishisation of the female body; but how do we explore the building of a platform to exchange, away from the ubiquity of online pornography today?

.The partner print, “Stolen Kisses”, also sold out, though nowhere near as fast as “Touch & Feel”. This was my first real foray into using halftone screens, and I learned quite quickly how I COULD have made something a little finer; so I started to work straight away on a follow-up, but it stayed in the archives and never got printed.

I found this file again early last year, as Covid set in, along with the travel restrictions and the disappearance of crowd events; so I set about optimising it for a release that could/should have happened over fifteen years ago.

Urban Spree and I had planned to release this latest series of three prints for Valentine's Day, given the themes they embrace; but Brexit hit our access to Somerset paper HARD, as the stock we had ordered remained stuck in customs.

We FINALLY got them done then, so here is “Touch & Feel Some More”; squeezed in between the vintage “Bremen Couple” and “Armchair”." Mode 2



Touch & Feel Some More

4-colour screen print on Somerset Satin 300 g/sm

Edited by Urban Spree Prints

Printed in Berlin by Oliver Nerlich Studio

60 x 80 cm

Regular Edition of 69 Prints

Signed & Numbered


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Mode 2: Touch and Feel Some More

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