Delta aka Boris Tellegen: 121/183

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With more than 760 photos of red-brown steel freight painted wagons, this catalogue is documenting the incredible project that Delta aka Boris Tellegen started in 2011. 

Thanks to these images, we are transported into a succession of freight trains painted with three-dimensional effects. Next to the photos, texts provide explanations and historical context for these works and style of train writing.


"The project came about just like that, if there is such a thing as just like that. It was not planned in advance; it started as a one-time act of painting for old times' sake. That one time became two times, and then, why not one more time.

The first painting of this project was made and photographed in 2011, the last one in 2023.

After returning a couple of times to the same spot and the same type of surface, the idea dawned that it could become a little project. A small collection of paintings with the same restrictions. Solely white liquid paint and black spray paint were allowed to apply; only brown steel freight wagons to be painted. Also the photo of the painting had to be of the entire wagon. This little project became a larger project, and in the end it went on for more than ten years."


Published by APaperBook in 2024

This publication was supported by Mondriaan Fund

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Delta aka Boris Tellegen: 121/183

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