2SHY: Timidinomania

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"Timidinomania" is the 4th publication from the visual artist 2SHY. In 2012 he created colourful characters named "Timidinos". The book retraces a decade of these characters and their evolution.

The publication includes unpublished illustrations and archive photos.


Published in December 2023

Limited edition

Texts in English

124 pages

17 x 24cm

Soft cover


About the artist

2SHY is a visual artist and graphic designer who has developped his own vibrant and colourful universe combining the worlds of graffiti, pop culture and memories of his childhood. While he started by painting graffiti on trains in the 1990's, 2SHY has since then, exhibited his work in many Galleries and different countries.

Product details

2SHY: Timidinomania
Number of Pages
6,69 x 9,45 inch
17 x 24 cm

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