Alessandra Mattanza: Street Art is Female

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The book focuses on 24 female street artists, showing their talent and diversity across the world.

If street art is, in itself, an act of rebellion, it is tragically ironic that the genre seems dominated by men. This exciting book is an important first step in shedding light on the substantial number of women who are gaining fame in the street art world. It brings together the work of 24 artists, through dazzling photographs of their work and intimate portraits of their lives based on interviews collected by award-winning journalist Alessandra Mattanza. On walls, sidewalks, prison cells, grain silos and other nontraditional canvases, these artists tackle ideas around empowerment, feminism, the pink revolution, body shaming and body imagery, racism, and the climate crisis. From Oklahoma City and Brooklyn, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh makes site specific work that considers how people experience race and gender within their surrounding environments. South African multidisciplinary artist Faith XLVII imbues her narratives with a longing for a deeper connection to nature, and a resurrection of the divine feminine. Italy’s Camilla Falsini incorporates joyful, bold colors and simple shapes to deliver serious messages about the environment. Shamsia Hassani, one of Afghanistan’s first female street artists, makes vibrant murals and paintings in which women play musical instruments as a vehicle for self-expression. Bursting with colorful photographs of works in situ as well as in detail, this thrilling and incisive book proves that street art is not only female—it’s the essence of conceptual rebellion itself.


240 pages Hardcover book

300 color illustrations

Texts in German

Published in 2022 by Prestel

Product details

Alessandra Mattanza: Street Art is Female
Publication Date
September 2022
Prestel Verlagomopress
Number of Pages
9,09 x 11,93 inch
23.1 x 30.3 cm

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