Amandine Urruty: Je veux dire le fantôme

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A new monograph

"Amandine Urruty, je veux dire le fantôme" (Amandine Urruty, I mean the ghost) is the result of a collaboration between Pacôme Thiellement, essayist, and Amandine Urruty.

"This book lifts the spectral sheet of Amandine Urruty's pictorial work to track down its pop singularity haunted by a carnival of classical and contemporary inspirations. From the cinema of Lynch and Kubrick to the Mesnie Hellequin and the Carnival, from Where's Charlie? to the Garden of Delights, Pacôme Thiellement deciphers and inscribes Amandine Urruty's dark and teeming work in a historical and genial lineage where popular and major art intertwine in the artist's swirl of shades of grey. Through thirty-five reproductions, most of which have never been published before, this book invites you to take a deep dive into the fascinating abundance of a singular and haunting work.


Published by les Editions de l'Eclipse in January 2021

64 pages 

27,9 x 23 cm



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Amandine Urruty: Je veux dire le fantôme

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