BUS126 Enemy Kids

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In this text, the original version of which was written in 1997, BUS126 tells us about his personal vision of the West Berlin graffiti scene of the 1980s. He responds to ODEM's "On the Run", the first German-language work of so-called "graffiti literature", in which two chapters are devoted to BUS126 but in which he does not find himself. BUS126 feels the need to tell the story of his childhood, his youth in Lichtenrade and Marienfeld.

Finally completed after 25 years, ENEMY KIDS appears as a journey through time, to a city whose places and street names are familiar to us, yet which is a completely different world. BUS 126 tells of a time without mobile phones and the internet, without CCTV and graffiti. A time when knives were in some circles as normal a pocket item as markers, when fighting was as natural as surfing the underground and when love was as remote as any prospect of ever getting out.

Were the early days of hip-hop and graffiti in Berlin really so glorious and creative? Who were the young people whose lives included graffiti as naturally as violence, drugs and boredom?


About the artist

BUS126 is a German artist, writer and graffiti legend. For many years he has been painting his name "BUS126" on city walls but also in caves and forests.


Softcover book

Cover motif by Bob Haberfield

Editing by Jo Preußler & Stefan Wartenberg


Language: German

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BUS126 Enemy Kids
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4,53 x 6,69 inch
11.5 x 17 cm

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