EGS: This Could Go on Forever

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This Could Go on Forever is the title of a book and exhibition project by the graffiti artist EGS. The project is a dialogue between graffiti and glass art, beginning with EGS documenting a graffiti piece he spray-paints in an abandoned Estonian factory. The documentary material then serves as the basis for a three-part glass sculpture made by EGS in Riihimäki. The sculpture then returns to the original site in Estonia, where a new documentary is made, and so the cycle goes on.

EGS has achieved international renown in a graffiti art career spanning three decadesl. This book is authored by Tomi Moisio, a curator at the Serlachius Museums, whose essay is accompanied by a transcript of a conversation between EGS and Moisio pondering questions posed by the project. The accompanying exhibition will be on show at the Serlachius Museums from September 24, 2022 to March 5, 2023.


Other publications from EGS include "Concrete Reflections" and Writing Stories With 3 Letters


28 cm x 40 cm

Language: Estonian, English and Finnish

Published by Parvs in 2022

Authors: Tomi Moisio, Pauli Sivonen 

Layout: Viktor Gurov


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EGS: This Could Go on Forever
Estonian, English and Finnish
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