Emanuel Halpern Paradoxer Schattenboxer

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Retro-futurist graphic novel by Swiss artist Emanuel Halpern.
In film noir style, Emanuel Halpern takes us on a journey through a dystopian / utopian environmental crime novel. The characters in Paradoxer Schattenboxer (gangsters, corrupt officials and the CEO of a major corporation) live in a world of great paradoxes.
A forest fire poses an imminent threat, blocking access to the border area between Pappstadt and Puerto Paradisio. Against all the odds, the fire is finally contained and a three-day downpour brings long-awaited relief to the battered vegetation. A happy ending?

This novel combines a wide range of different genres, characters and themes into a confusing patchwork, a messy but well-crafted mosaic, where religion, politics and art history, climate change and the environment all come together. The book asks some big questions: is there a right way to lead a bad life? What is the difference between culture and propaganda, art and sport?  These serious questions, to say the least, contrast with Emanuel Halpern's whimsical and familiar visual idiom developed in this graphic novel, with its bright colours and soft contours worthy of a children's book. You could almost be convinced that the world isn't so bad after all. Almost. A reality on the brink of disaster can only be portrayed comically.


Emanuel Halpern (born 1948 in Zurich) is a Swiss artist based in Zurich. He appeared in Reto Andrea Savoldelli's modern fairytale film Stella da Falla (1971) and taught at the F+F School for Art and Media Design in Zurich.Retrofuturistic graphic novel by Swiss artist Emanuel Halpern.


60 pages, 44 illustrations

Published in 2022

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Emanuel Halpern Paradoxer Schattenboxer
Edition Patrick Frey
English, German
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