Frédéric Pajak: Ungewisses Manifest 2

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Ungewisses Manifest 2 - Unter dem Himmel von Paris mit Walter Benjamin, Nadja, André Breton,Léon-Paul Fragte, Ludwig Hohl


October 1933: Walter Benjamin leaves the island of Ibiza for the city of Paris, with which he falls in love. Disregarded and misunderstood, he suffers from loneliness. But this does not stop him from tackling his great work: Paris, capital of the 19th century. In this second book, Pajak illuminates Paris in the time span between those crazy years and the time of today. He looks back to the poets, painters and revolutionaries: André Breton, Léon-Paul Fargue, Guillaume Apollinaire, Chaïm Soutine, Louis Chevalier and others.

Frédéric Pajak's Manifeste incertain is an ambitious book project that comprises a total of nine volumes. In it, the author interweaves text and image to create an enchantingly beautiful work of art. The narrative of the volumes merges in loose sequence; meandering associatively rather than chronologically, linking the author's personal memories with the fates of historical persons.



About the author

Frédéric Pajak (*1955), born in Suresnes near Paris, is a French-Swiss writer, illustrator and editor. With his works, in which both prose and drawings play an important role, he creates his own genre, which has already won several awards (including the Prix Médicis Essai 2014 and the Swiss Literature Prize 2015). At Buchet-Chastel, he directs the Cahiers des-sinés series. Pajak now lives in Paris and Geneva.



Hardcover, 23.5 × 18 cm

Illustrations in black and white

Translated from French by Ruth Gantert


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Frédéric Pajak: Ungewisses Manifest 2
Edition Clandestin
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