Issa Franke: Hip-Hop – die vergessene Generation Westberlins

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In this book, Issa Franke repositioned the birth and evolution of Berlin West hip-hop within the history of hip-hop in Germany. She draws on the testimonies of more than twenty key figures of the scene, and presents a rich work.  

The book focuses on the emergence of hip-hop culture in West Berlin in the 1980s. It centres on a generation of teenagers and young adults who, in their confrontation with a culture that came from New York and was primarily mediated via the media, advanced to form their own Berlin hip-hop scene.

The publication is an explorative study and material work that includes previously unknown or unpublished testimonies and documents of the culture and the protagonists. To this end, interviews and conversations were conducted with over 20 protagonists born between 1940 and 1970.

The author's aim is to give the West Berlin protagonists a voice in the history of hip-hop in Germany as a whole, as the history of West Berlin has so far found little or no inclusion in established narratives. It is illustrated that the historiography of hip-hop in Germany does not only begin in the 1990s with Advanced Chemistry, the Fantastische Vier or LSD, but that West Berlin hip-hop culture of the 1980s must also be taken into consideration.


Published in 2023 by Waxmann Verlag

198  Pages


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Issa Franke: Hip-Hop – die vergessene Generation Westberlins
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