Marion Jdanoff: Guerre (deuxième edition)

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In November 2016, Marion Jdanoff's friend Pauline, who is in remission from breast cancer, learns that the cancer has crept into her brain and that she has to fight it again. The author, who lives far away from her friend, has the idea of sending her enough drawings each month so that she can burn one a day until she is completely and totally cured.
Soon enough, this correspondence becomes an interface between Pauline and herself, talking about love, friendships, fears, joys, food, life and death.


2nd edition of 800 copies

Inside page offset printed on Munken print cream 80 g/sm.

Cover offset printed on Masterblank 270 g/sm.

Published by Grante Egle / Super Loto Verlag in 2022.

The original edition was part of the Official Selection of the Angoulême Festival 2020.


About the artist

Marion Jdanoff draws snippets of stories, anecdotes and also strives to translate concepts into images. In her work, she intertwines the personal (a lot) and the political (a little) and tries to find meaning in drawing rather than in making revolution. An open and unresolved question.
Moreover, she likes to draw with other people and to make it hard to tell who is who. It is in this spirit that she founded Palefroi in 2012 with Damien Tran. Together and separately, they do everything from posters to screen prints, handmade books, self-publishing and other bazaars.
After eight years of this very intense work as a duo, the pony (Palafroi is a horse) is currently in a well-deserved grazing resource. This allows for other explorations, less focused on the multiple and mixing with other practices, dance, public occupation architecture. She also participates in the Kythibong record label in Nantes.

Product details

Marion Jdanoff: Guerre (deuxième edition)
Deuxième édition
Number of Pages
5,83 x 8,27 inch
14.8 x 21 cm

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