Orsten Groom: CHROME DINETTE Exhibition Catalogue

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"Orsten Groom: CHROME DINETTE" is the official catalogue of the solo exhibition of the French painter Orsten Groom at Urban Spree Galerie in Berlin (23.10.2020 - 23.01.2021). 


The CHROME DINETTE exhibition is dedicated to Sigmund Freud and Moses - from the Birth of History to its tragic ending in 1939. As Europe collapses, Freud publishes his testament essay "Moses and Monotheism", in which he asserts that Moses was not Jewish but Egyptian, murdered by the Jews and replaced by a Doppelgänger after their exodus from Egypt - thereby abandoning the Afterlife for the Desert and the prohibition of images.


Freud dies the same year of a jaw cancer; his ultimate work is a story about his favourite dog, Topsy, a chow chow who died of a jaw cancer, and on whom Freud obviously made a fatal psychoanalytical transfer.  The patriarch of psychoanalysis (the cure by talking) dies by the mouth alongside his dog after devoting his last book to the stuttering prophet.   


The CHROME DINETTE series thus concatenates 5000 years of History - and the history of forbidden images - presented as Egyptian bas-reliefs and proposed as flat hallucinations of a hysterical delirium of some kind. This new series of paintings opposes the Desert to the Afterlife in a mosaic sarcophagus of the catastrophe of the human time - from one end of history to the other.



Published by Urban Spree Books in October 2020

Essays by Vincent Corpet and Orsten Groom (EN, DE, FR)

Photographs by Lukas K. Stiller

Printed by Petit, Lublin, on Arctic Volume White 150g/sm

114 pages, softcover

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Orsten Groom: CHROME DINETTE Exhibition Catalogue

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