Palefroi: Médiums

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Screen printed box containing 7 riso printed publications from Palefroi (Marion Jdanoff, Damien Tran)

The Box is 23 x 32 x 5 cm
Publications are 20 x 28 cm, various number of pages and color. 
Edition of 45 
June 2017 

This box was published for the Palefroi exhibition " Je prends tes yeux pour voir et on n'y comprends rien" at Slow Galery / Paris in June 2017.  It gathers different exercises evolving around the acts of seeing and drawing, collectively and individually.

List of publications included in the box: 
- Mediums ( Exhibition catalog )
- La vitesse, la lumière, la distortion, le mouvement I. Figuration abstraite
- La vitesse, la lumière, la distortion, le mouvement II. Figuration figurative
- 11 drawings by Marion Jdanoff who tries to draw like Damien, with Damien's drawings opposite which are in fact copies of Marion's drawings imitating Damien's style
- Apparitions / Annonciations
- Dessins dans le noir - I
- Dessins dans le noir - II


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Palefroi: Médiums

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