Peter Michalski: Selfies

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The book is presented as an exhibition catalogue combining unique series of works with an in-depth investigation by art historian Peter Michalski in German and English. 

Peter Michalski is an expert for uncommissioned public works on walls and trains since the mid 80s. For the analysis of this extraordinary series he solely used the clear and straight photographs of unsigned painted wholecars. They perfectly allow to focus on the works themselves without any disruptive elements. Most of the wagons have obviously been painted in thick layers of white or black before a complex arrangement of fine multicolored lines were added on top. On first sight the cars remind of the conceptual trains featured in the Art Inconsequence movie and book from 2007.

Michalski’s analysis is separated into chapters like The Artist, The Work, The Audience or The Sublime. In these sections he tries to find out about the artist’s possible intentions, influences and references as well as the impact these giant artworks have on the people who are confronted with them in traffic. Each of them is at least as big as 12m x 3,5m!


64 pages

Black embossed hardcover

29,5 x 22cm

Author: Peter Michalski

Published in 2022 by Hitzerot

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Peter Michalski: Selfies
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