RO_ARCHIVE - An archive of Romania in times of transition

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This rare book is an archive of images taken in Romania on different topics, such as: 
Agriculture, Nature: Human Intervention, Palace, House, Field, Crop, Tree, River, Sea Coast, Rural Environment, Rustic, Soil, Vegetation, Ecosistem, Meadow, Farm Animals, Shepherd, Farmer, Veterinarian, Agricultural Engineer, Trucks; Religion, Cults: Church, Synagogue, Tora, Graveyard, Minister, Priest, Cross, Confession, Object of Worship, Cathedral, The Cathedral of National Redemption, Parishioner, Religious Holiday; Monuments, National Identity, Marks of Time: History, Memory, Statue, War, Soldier, Cultural Venue, City Hall, Minority, Ethnic Group, Roma Community, Jewish Community, Communism, Capitalism, Romania, Romanian Flag, National Heroes, Banal Nationalism; Tourism, Leisure: Hotel, Restaurant, Menu, Swimming Pool, Fishing, Public Bath, Pension, Barbeque, Fanfair, Carrousel, Fast Food, Tradition, Custom; Sports, Health: Football, Bicycle, Sports Field, Hospital, Pacient, Treatment, Pills, Sanitation, Pharmacy, Drugstore, Surgery Table, Sanatorium, Doctor, Nurse; Commerce, Trade, Craft, Surveillance, Security: Goods, Merchandise, Shop, Store, Mall, Hypermarket, Flea Market, Old Trades, Butcher Shop, Corner Shop, Mall, Boutique, Owner, Bank, Loan, Informal Trade; Urban Analysis: Dweller, Billboards, Neighbourhood, Street, Car, Automobile, Lorry, Public Space, Private Space, Traffic, Double Glazed Windows (Thermopane), Apartment Block, Advertising Billboard, Urban Furniture, Crowded Areas, Fairs, Flea Market, Park, Playground, Owner, Tenant; Peripheral Routes, Railway Stations, Transportation: Gas Station, Bus Stop, Road, “Dacia” Car, Tourist, Train, Engine, Transit, Commuters, Parking Lot, Motorway, Warehouse, Hangar, Highway, Petrol, Tire, Bridge, Viaduct, Public Transportation, Peripheral Landscapes; Industrial Landscape: Coal Mine, Ruins, Water Tower, Worker, Mining Area, Europallets, Signs, Placards, Silo, Wagon, Pipe, Machinery, Motor, Working Band, Shipyard, Quarry Exploitation, Concrete Slabs, Privatization, Industrial Park, Miner, Executive Director.


Rare Book 

Condition: New


Authors: Losif Kiraly, Raluca Oancea Nestor, Raluca Paraschiv Ionescu


Texts in English

Published by Unarte in 2017

150 pages

20 x 26


About the authors:

Raluca Paraschiv (Ionescu) lives and works in Romania (Bucharest) as an artist (photography, installation) and lecturer at the Bucharest National University of Arts/UNARTE. She is involved in artistic projects that explore the relationship between contemporary art and public space.

Losif Kiraly is well known Romanian photographer. He has initiated and worked on projects related to the changes having occurred in post-communist Romania. Losif Király’s works are found in numerous private and public collections.

Raluca Oancea is an active curator on the visual art scene and a cultural journalist specializing in aesthetics, contemporary art and new media.

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RO_ARCHIVE - An archive of Romania in times of transition
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