Roman Klonek: Woodcut Vibes

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With this book the Dusseldorf-based artist Roman Klonek gives a detailed insight into the working process and the background of his woodcut prints.

The woodcut technique is particularly interesting, as it is primarily known as a “very old” medium and therefore often creates a surprise effect, especially with contemporary motifs. Feel invited to follow the pages about a variety of whimsical characters, often half animal / half human in preferably curious surroundings and embarrassing situations.

The gallery has a selection of woodcut limited edition prints from Roman Klonek. To view or purchase them, please click on the "tag" of the artist at the bottom of the page.   



About the artist:

Roman Klonek, born in Kattowitz / Poland, has a spot for old fashioned cartoons and modern block printing styles. In the 90s he studied Graphic Arts in Dusseldorf and discovered a passion for woodcut. 




Softcover book 

Bookbinding: Thread stitching

Format: 16 x 24cm - 160 pages

Designed by Eva Sieben, Robert Buergel

Published by Slanted 

Released in February 2021


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Roman Klonek: Woodcut Vibes

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