SO36 - 1978 bis heute - Sub Opus 36 e.V.

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For over 40 years, SO36 in Berlin-Kreuzberg has been a legendary venue for far-left music and politics. A place for punks, hippies, burners, hedonists, gays, straights and other characters. The SO is the symbol of an angry neighbourhood - squatters against the police, neighbourhood militia, solidarity actions, political struggle. 

This anniversary book is a chronological collection of stories and photos of the legendary club, which has remained standing throughout the years, while others, such as the Ratinger Hof or CBGB's, have disappeared and are almost forgotten. This 480-page photo book, a block of photolithic punk, is both a retrospective and an incentive.

A journey through the history of German subculture, with Wolfgang Müller (Die Tödliche Doris), Claus Ritter (Male), Frieder Butzmann, Frank Z. (Abwärts), Bettina Köster (Malaria), Charly Harper (UK SUBS), Mark Reeder (Die Unbekannten), Volker Hauptvogel (MDK), Henry Rollins (Black FLag), Johnny Bottrop (Terrorgruppe), Rahel Kindermann (She-Devils), Lou Koller (Sick of it All), Roger Miret (Agnostic Front), Ipek Ipekcioglu, Elvira Westwärts, Fatma Souad, Page Hamilton (Helmet) and Sookee.

The new edition is published without an insert, but with the addition of an extra chapter on the struggle for survival during the Corona lockdown.

Product details

SO36 - 1978 bis heute - Sub Opus 36 e.V.
Publication Date
March 2022
Ventil Verlag
Number of Pages
9,25 x 11,57 inch
23.5 x 29.4 cm

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