Stefan Marx: I Guess I Shouldn't Be Telling You

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Stefan Marx  (b. 1979) is a German artist, graphic designer and musician.  He is a leading figure on the skateboard scene. He has worked with a number of specialist brands, as well as the Playhouse Records label. In 1995, he founded his own brand, Lousy Livin' Company. He is also co-founder of the Hamburg label and record shop Smallville Records, and a member of the group The Dead See.
His black-and-white drawings, flyers and enigmatic slogans reflect an experience rooted in street culture, while maintaining a critical distance that goes beyond the codes of any specialised counter-culture.

His work has been widely exhibited in Europe (notably with the collective The Side Effects of Urethane) and featured in magazines such as The Art of Rebellion and Street Logos.

Includes 85 black and white illustrations
English edition

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Stefan Marx: I Guess I Shouldn't Be Telling You
Publication Date
December 2010
Number of Pages
8,27 x 11,81 inch
21 x 30 cm

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