Swet Book of the Year 2019

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Swet's approach on graffiti is always from the original mindset of the culture. From his perspective graffiti belongs in the streets and on the trains. Also after "normal" life get in his way in so many ways he still manage to paint without changing his perspective. Filling surfaces with funky letters, fresh connections and a crazy swing are only possible for writers who can achieve the same energetic performance and quick powerful execution.

Swet book of the Year is a serie of books published by Chemistry Publishing togeter with Swet. The serie focusses on all his work made during one year. The books contains off a massive selection of painted walls and swinging sketches, some personal stories and stories from friends and other graffiti artists he worked with during the year. This volume covers the year 2019 and contains about 300 new painted walls and trains and some personal stories from Gele, Kade 198, Pure, Easy 13, More, Remon & Caster

This hand-bound book is limited to 100 copies + 10 AP’s and are all signed and numbered by the artist.


Hardcover artist book, Handbound

Book design: Roald de Jong & Fopmawier

Published by Chemistry Publishing in 2023

Limited edition of 100 books


About the artist

Since the eighties SWET has been an undeniable presence in the international graffiti scene, influencing new generations with his extremely well executed paintings. Famous for his lively letters and colorful masterpieces SWET continues to impress in a scene that is constantly changing.

​SWET was born in Denmark in 1971 and had his first graffiti experience in 1985

Product details

Swet Book of the Year 2019
Publication Date
April 2023
Chemistry Publishing
Number of Pages
9,45 x 11,22 inch
24 x 28.5 cm

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