The Jaunt - Hense Edition

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The new and second book from the Jaunt documents the creative process of 40 artists traveling all over the world. During these 40 inspiring trips the invited artists made photos, write stories, scribbled in their sketchbooks and eventually made a design for a limited edition artwork. The book chronicles each stage of this process.

Alongside the regular edition, The Jaunt also created three artist covers by Laura Berger, Hense and Tom Haugomat. These artist covers are only available in a limited edition of 250 per artist.

The book is published by Chemistry Publishing, designed by Jimme Bakker, printed by Wilco Art Books and the hardcovers are hand bound by Fopma Wier.

Offset printed on 120 gsm Munken Crystal Rough Paper

Offset printed linen cover designed by Hense


Artists featured in the book:
Raymond Lemstra, Cleon Peterson, Andrea Wan, Daniel Frost, Job Wouters, Cody Hudson, Louis Reith, Evan Hecox, AKA Corleone, Tim Biskup, Scott Albrecht, Lennard Kok, Nigel Peake, Sigrid Calon, Joost Stokhof, Hyland Mather, Graphic Surgery, Joram Roukes, Jean Jullien, Monica Ramos, Morcky, Collin van der Sluijs, Laura Berger, Kristin Texeira, Vincent de Boer, Merijn Hos, Tom Haugomat, Hense, Troy Lovegates, Olimpia Zagnoli, Hedof, Mike Perry, Niels Shoe Meulman, Atelier Bingo, Ekta, William LaChance, and Stephen Smith.

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The Jaunt - Hense Edition
Chemistry Publishing
Hense Edition

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