Tristan Manco: Make Your Mark - The New Urban Artists

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A mould-breaking selection of independent contemporary urban artists from the author who has spotted the greatest talents in street art from around the world.


Make your Mark introduces the work of 45 artists who are extraordinarily diverse but united by one basic principle: their art is completely fresh, original and the epitome of creativity. They adopt a wide range of practices, including not only street art and new interpretations of the form but also studio-based work that has an 'urban' edge. The names - 44flavours from Germany, Bault from France, Morcky from Italy, Sainer from Poland, Ricardo Cavolo from Spain, Zio Ziegler from the USA, Fuco Ueda from Japan, Raymond Lemstra from the Netherlands, Knarf from Austria, João Ruas from Brazil and many others - all show exceptional talent, distinctiveness and courage in their approach to their work.

Divided into three thematic chapters - 'Draw', 'Paint' and 'Make' - this book focuses not only on the handmade and the hand-drawn but also the unusual techniques and unconventional approaches to the media used. The work is experimental and multifaceted - involving painting, illustration, sculpture, installation, mural art, tattoo art, cartoons, animation, textile art, and sometimes all of these things in one go - and many of the artists could be equally at home in any one of these categories.

Make Your Mark is an inspirational guide for practitioners, students and fans as well as anyone in commercial branding and communications not frightened by integrity.


Texts in English


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Tristan Manco: Make Your Mark - The New Urban Artists
Publication Date
April 2016
Thames & Hudson
Number of Pages
10,39 x 12,17 inch
26.4 x 30.9 cm

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