Yann L'Outsider: Variation(s)

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This first monograph by the artist Yann Le Berre, aka Yann L'Outsider, is conceived as a work of art.

Variation(s) is an art book of the highest quality, revealing in its 272 pages the personal, professional and artistic history of an outsider artist, and offering multiple keys to understanding Yann L'Outsider's work, particularly in the permanent, causal and iterative interactions between his studio work and his outdoor paintings.

Yann L'Outsider's work stems from two parallel paths. The first, at school and then at work in cabinet-making and furniture restoration, taught him patience, rigour and meticulousness. The other, in the world of graffiti, imbued with freedom, urgency and adrenalin.

For almost ten years now, in his native Brittany, the artist has been developing an abstract style of painting that embodies the sum of this multi-faceted approach. A work of synthesis, oppositions and dualities. In black and white, indoors and out, wild and meticulous, masterful and full of accidents, Yann L'Outsider's painting is a reflection of its creator: rich, coherent and singular.

The photos by Jean Moderne, aka RCF1, sublimate and resonate with the texts by Guillaume Pellay, Mathieu Tremblin, Tania Di Brita and the long interview with the artist conducted and written by Nicolas Gzeley, one of France's leading specialists in the graffiti movement.

This complementary team (the 'advengers', as L'Outsider likes to call them) offer a sensitive cross-section of the artist's black & white period, which began around ten years ago.


Texts: French / English translation (A booklet with an english translation of the texts is included).

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Yann L'Outsider: Variation(s)
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9,76 x 12,87 inch
24.8 x 32.7 cm

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