Alias: The Dissident Paper Edition - Yellow

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The dissident is one of the emblematic figures of the German street artist Allias. 


Original Spray Painted Stencil on Paper

50 x 70 cm

Limted edition /10

Signed and numbered

Each piece is hand painted and therefore slightly different 
About the artist
ALIAS is one of the best known street artists of Berlin, although he still operates under the veil of secrecy.

Born in 1980 in the German capital, having witnessed its rapid mutations, he tranlated them into a graphic language, and belongs to the first wave of German stencil artists.

His stencils, always taking into account the context of the wall and the message, are cleverly positioned in the streets and embody the loneliness of the city through the individual tales of characters, mainly children, mirroring the artist’s own condition. He always looks for old metal plates in abandoned factories in and around Berlin which he then assembles as backgrounds for his works.

ALIAS artworks have been widely exhibited across Germany and in Europe.


Product details

Alias: The Dissident Paper Edition - Yellow
Stencil on paper
27,56 x 19,69 inch
70 x 50 cm

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