Jonni Cheatwood: Expensive Ass Pastrami

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“Expensive Ass Pastrami” is a 30-color+ hand-pulled silk screen print produced in Berlin by master printer Dolly Demoratti (Mother Drucker / Urban Spree Studios).

This print was built closely with the artist and in total trust, based on a canvas of the same name painted in Berlin and exhibited during Jonni Cheatwood's solo show "Tyger Tyger" at Urban Spree Galerie in July 2019. 

We were certainly heading for an ambitious print, working on all the matters, vibrant colors and fabric-like textures that Jonni incorporates into his canvases; however, during the whole screen printing process. it was clear that something more was happening: a dialogue was silently building up between the painting and the screen printer.

Dolly started an immersive relationship and at some point, lost count of all layers and colors after 30, trying to reach perfection, not as in a perfect "reproduction", but as in a perfect symbiosis between the art of the painter and the art of the screen printer (or, in that perfect example, the art of the "screen painter".)

Having built a relationship in Berlin during the artist's summer residency at Urban Spree for a month helped a lot to understand how the painter works and intuitively translates this into a screen printing vocabulary, replacing some of the techniques used by Jonni by innovative ones such as layers of puff ink, a special ink that "puffs" when heated and adds real texture to the print.


"Expensive Ass Pastrami"


30+ color hand-pulled silk screen print


Limited Edition of 75


70x 90 cm 


Hand-deckled edges


Printed in Berlin by Dolly Demoratti (Mother Drucker Printing)


Edited by Urban Spree Prints 




Shipping with tracking number and insurance. All sales are final.

Product details

Jonni Cheatwood: Expensive Ass Pastrami
27,56 x 35,43 inch
70 x 90 cm

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