Lars Wunderlich: Heads

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Lars Wunderlich and Urban Spree Prints release "Heads", a 2-colour screen print printed at Urban Spree directly by the artist. 

The run comes in an edition of only 20 prints, each embedded with an original drawing, or "frame", located at the center of the print. Each print has a unique frame of the same animation pattern; all drawings are then collected on a website and animated, frame by frame, accessible via a QR code included on the print, "for your eyes only". 

As usual with Wunderlich, the abuse of technology, the trademark glitches of the artist, all collide in a post-modern mash up.

The prints will be allocated randomly. All sales final.


Lars Wunderlich (b. 1981 in Neubrandenburg, GDR) is a German post-graffiti artist, member of the 9-member street art crew « The Weird » (Nychos, Low Bros, DXTR, Vidam…) under the moniker « Look the Weird ».



Lars Wunderlich: "Heads"

2-colour screen print on Somerset Tub Satin 310g/sm

Hand-made graphite drawing at the center of the print

50 x 50 cm, unframed

QR code

Edition of 20


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Lars Wunderlich: Heads

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