Palefroi: Acte de contrition: Exagérer Fig. 1

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Palefroi: IV. Acte de Contrition : Exagérer Fig. 1

(IV. Act of Contrition: Exaggerate Fig. 1)

Art prints by Palefroi 

Screen Print

Museumkarton altweiss 320g/sm paper

Edition of 40 

35 x 45 cm 

Signed and numbered. Hand printed.



This print is part of the series Creuser le mal, that includes 6 pairs of works, so 12 drawings in total.


Creuser le Mal is about drawing people who have visions and the visions themselves. The figurative drawings (fig 1) are all based on draft from Damien, re-drawed by Marion. Meanwhile, Damien took care of the Visions (fig 2). 
As the artist duo finished the series, they realized they were in fact talking about their own work relationship. Hence the titles.

The series Creuser le Mal is part of the Medium project which gathers different exercises evolving around the acts of seeing and drawing, collectively and individually.

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Palefroi: Acte de contrition: Exagérer Fig. 1

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