Alexandre Bavard: Bulky Research

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A short version of the work on the improvement of the Bulky System.

Relationship between the gesture of the tag and the dance. 



Limited edition of 35

40 pages

includes a A4 original sketch


About the artist

Alexandre Bavard aka Mosa is a French artist, writer and art performer. Born in 1987, he studied at the École Boulle and at Les Beaux-Arts in Lyon. His committed, multidisciplinary work reflects social, ecological and urban realities.

Influenced by the graffiti culture, and as a writer, his projects can be seen as the result of years of exploring territories and penetrating a present that is bound to change. These exhibitions recreate the atmosphere of the no-man's-lands that surround our cities.

His work is deeply rooted in the contemporary issues facing our society. Using collected materials and objects, he highlights the problems associated with over-consumption, while questioning the place of the individual within our society.

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Alexandre Bavard: Bulky Research

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