Lukas Huber - The Children of the Underground

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"The Children of the Underground" is a collection of works from the American photojournalist Lukas Huber. With this limited edition zine, Lukas Huber shares with us the moments that he immortalised over 5 years to document  his expeditions in the Philadelphia's SEPTA metro system.

This photographic collection is a visual narrative entirely fashioned within Philadelphia's SEPTA metro system. Within this zine, Lukas Huber beautifully unveils the subway landscape that shaped his youth, intimately portraying the profound connection of his friends with these spaces and the historical resonance of graffiti.


About the artist

Lukas Huber, is an American photojournalist who emerged out of Philadelphia with a camera in 2014. At the mere age of 15, his first photographs focused on the graffiti writers he grew up with, as well as meticulously chronicling the subway tunnels of Philadelphia and documenting historical abandoned buildings and preserving their history. By the age of 16, he ventured throughout the United States ascending cranes and skyscrapers, documenting an emerging breed of urban explorers and an untapped generation of artists.  


Limited edition of 100

40 pages

Published by Stickit in 2003

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Lukas Huber - The Children of the Underground

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