Timber Sommerdijk: Fernweh

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Timber Sommerdijk's zine "Fernweh" in it itself is a drifter or as he like to call it a Hobo; it roams around and searches for freedom, meaning, craziness, filth and inefficiency. Those things come together in a Hobo existence, and from this perspective he started making this fictive diary or is it an anthropological research, toilet paper, pillow or a fire starter? Because a Hobo existence, don't we all want that? In this Lockdown, as a maker, he is the Hobo, and this research is his wanderings.


Silkscreened and letterpressed cover on 0,5 mm Eska board

Risograph printed inner pages (1 color Black) on 90gr EOS 2.0 paper

Hand bound, Side sewn stitch

Open edition, signed by the artist

Including 13,5 x 19,5 cm (5,31” x 7,68”) Riso print


About the author

Timber Sommerdijk is a street artist and an illustrator from the Netherlands.

Product details

Timber Sommerdijk: Fernweh
Number of Pages
8,07 x 11,22 inch
20.5 x 28.5 cm

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