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Bad Stream live A/V
Hainbach live modular
Tony Renaissance live
Hyperaktivist dj-set
Daniel Craig live
konkrit dj-set

Sure, it would have been almost quiet around the ANTIME crew if we hadn’t had the pleasure of releasing a stunning remix bundle for Soft Grid’s 2016 LP »Corolla« late this summer. But that doesn’t mean we’ve been idle in the face of turmoil. On October 28th, ANTIME will return to Berlin’s most beloved musical hub, Urban Spree, for a label showcase that doubles as release party for the brand new digital ANTIME compilation released on the same day.

Label founder Martin Steer has been busy this year perfecting his Bad Stream audio-visual live show and will present the newest results along some old and new faces. The recent Opal Tapes alumnus Hainbach has been performing and collaborating with people from the ANTIME crew for quite a while now and we’re happy to have him back for one of his modular synth sets, just before he sets out for an exciting future with us. Daniel Craig hasn’t been living in Berlin for long, but has rapidly become a very active figure in the city’s experimental underground scene and will bring some of his oneiric trademark sounds this evening. The line-up will be completed by two exciting artists who are completely new to the ANTIME universe. Tony Renaissance from Vienna blends a knack for elegiac pop ballads with a passion for sweaty, contemporary club music into an eerily fascinating whole. The Venezuelan DJ and producer Hyperaktivist, host of the regular Mess nights at Berlin’s Ohm will bring some Industrial and EBM-inspired off-kilter Techno to the party.




ANTIME presents Soft Grid, Bad Stream, konkrit

SPEX, Antime & amSTARt präsentieren:


Bad Stream


DJ Set: konkrit

Soft Grid ernährten sich 2016 von abgefressenen Kilometern und beginnen das neue Jahr ein weiteres Mal auf Tour. Nachdem sie im Oktober ihren »Corolla« als LP über ANTIME in den Verkehr entließen, quetscht sich das Berliner Trio ein weiteres Mal auf die Rücklehne und macht im Kofferraum zwischen Drumkit, Synthies und Bratsche Platz für ANTIME-Labelmate Bad Stream und den Resident-DJ konkrit. Es wird ein kurzes, aber nachhaltiges Vergnügen, nach dem es selbstverständlich weitergeht. So angeschlagen ist Soft Grids Corolla nun doch nicht.

Stimmen zu »Corolla«:

»Ein zusammenhängender, vor sich hin mäandernder Strom an, bei dem sich aus jeder musikalischen Idee bereits die nächste herausschält.« – SPEX, Daniel Welsch

»In diesem Album steckt mehr drin als in so mancher zehnalbigen Diskografie.« – LUXEMBURGER WORT, Vicky Stoll

»Soft Grid [konstruieren] ihre wie Momentaufnahmen wirkenden, live eingespielten Stücke aus vielen Schichten und nach genauen kompositorischen Ideen.« ZEIT ONLINE, Vicky Rose


With their debut LP Corolla for ANTIME, the Berlin-based trio Soft Grid captures the explosive energy of its celebrated live shows. Soft Grid was started in 2014 in an abandoned hospital ward by Jana Sotzko (of Dropout Patrol) and Theresa Stroetges (alias Golden Diskó Ship), who had previously been working together in the improvisation project Epiphany Now. After their spontaneously composed and recorded tape release Stingrays was issued through Berlin’s Twaague Records in the summer of 2015, the British drummer and producer Sam Slater was recruited more or less directly from a Berlin dance oor to join the band for live shows. He became a full member in no time. Since then, the three-piece has shared stages around Germany alongside such diverse acts as Des Ark, Milemarker, Messer, or even Tolouse Low Trax.

Corolla is as much of an improvisational effort as their live shows: not really. Just like their gigs – which have all members wandering around to take over duties on synthesizers, bass, guitar, viola, and microphones – Corolla is a carefully mapped out, compositional whole, recorded live over two days in Salon Berlin by Sylvain Livache. It showcases the trio’s taste for ventures into the realms of extreme acoustic sounds and electronic textures as well as their knack for catchy hooks and driving rhythms. Even amidst the heaviest synth breakdowns, there’s something joyful to cling to. Soft Grid make music that is continuously twisting and shifting, which immerses itself in the steady flow of sonic events without losing focus. Anything goes on Corolla, and when it does, the three head in exactly the same direction.

From the massive opening chords of »Herzog On A Bus« to the subtle Chicago-style Post-Rock influences on »Hospital Floor« and the erratic finale which is the title track, Soft Grid create a musical narrative throughout their debut LP which reflects its lyrical themes. While the lyrics of Corolla, themselves a collaborative effort, sample everything from a Werner Herzog documentary to the eerie atmosphere of that hospital ward where the band was born,
there is at least one leitmotiv which ties them together:
Soft Grid are first and foremost concerned with
moving forward. And they will.

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ANTIME Labelnight w/ Fontarrian, Melt Trio, Martin Steer

ANTIME is looking forward to return to Berlin’s Urban Spree on March 17th for a very special event featuring Fontarrian, Melt Trio and label founder Martin Steer along with ANTIME DJ konkrit.

Austrian producer Fontarrian followed up his debut album »vlv« on ANTIME with a magnificent 12″ on disko404 last fall, contributed a track to ANTIME’s latest »V04« compilation and worked intensively on his A/V live show featuring visuals by Christian Michael Witternigg aka Jupiter, which he will now bring to Berlin for the very first time. His music draws on thick Ambient textures and circular, morphing rhythms which give you an idea of what Chicago House would have sounded like if it had been invented in outer space.

Talking about Chicago, the Berlin-based Melt Trio also draws its cues from some of the Windy City’s legends: Their unique Jazz-leaning sound is heavily informed by Post-Rock acts like Tortoise et al.

Fontarrian and Melt Trio will be joined by ANTIME label founder Martin Steer, who will perform one of his special analogue live sets, and ANTIME resident DJ konkrit.


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ANTIME Label Night

After a successful end of the year party in Landshut, ANTIME is looking forward to return to Berlin’s Urban Spree for a last-minute gig on January 15th to celebrate the release of the 12 track »V04« compilation.


Label founder Martin Steer, Golden Diskó Ship and Clodomer (aka ABIGAIL) will be joined by the Berlin-based Ambient duo Dublastic and ANTIME DJ konkrit.

Just as with »V04«, ANTIME is hoping to raise money for the German organisation PRO ASYL which is dedicated to helping refugees and immigrants. You will thus have the chance to donate money at the door.


✗ :: golden diskó ship
✗ Martin Steer (formerly Midimúm)
✗ Clodomer (aka ABIGAIL)
✗ Dublastic


ANTIME workshop with AAAA and ˆL_




ANTIME is incredibly excited to announce that the upcoming tour of AAAAand ˆL_ will include a two-day workshop to be held in Berlin’s Urban Spreeon May 12 and 13. The workshop, lead by ANTIME founder Martin Steer (alias Midimúm), will explore different means of music production, the interplay of sound and visual aesthetics as well as strategies of self-promotion in digital culture.

What started out as a net-based label has over the last three years increasingly grown into an international network that pays as much attention to the music released by it as to the possibilities of bringing together sound and other arts. ANTIME celebrates diversity on many levels: culturally, artistically and of formats.
The upcoming Germany tour of the Mexico based producer AAAA, whose debut album »Shiva Watts« will be re-released on vinyl in early May through ANTIME, and the Brazilian sound artist ˆL_, whose new EP »The Outsider« is set for a release in early June as a 12” vinyl on ANTIME, will gather two like-minded minds with distinctively different approaches to music production. In the course of the two-day workshop, AAAA will provide insights in the world of analogue music production while ˆL_ will present his unique sampling techniques and digital working methods.

ANTIME’s in-house graphics team will meanwhile introduce ways of visualising sounds and ANTIME’s publicist Kristoffer Cornils (alias konkrit) will illustrate various ways of self-promotion in digital culture. As a whole, the workshop aims at making music production transparent, offering an understanding of transmedial methods and developing economic strategies for emerging artists.

The two-day workshop, which is to be held in the afternoon on May 12 and 13 in Berlin’s Urban Spree, aims primarily at teenagers, but will be non-exclusive according to ANTIME’s philosophy. Please note however that the workshop’s capacities are limited and an early registration before May 8 through info@antime.de is strongly recommended.

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ANTIME Labelnight


● Spur
● Lola’s Bad
● Martin Steer aka Midimúm

● konkrit

It’s time to let that raging cat out of its back and sink its paws in your faces:ANTIME is proud to announce the release of Spur’s debut album »Nowhereland«, set for a physical and digital release in February. Spur himself will stir up an ecstatic »dance of cultures« on Urban Spree’s floor to celebrate the occasion.

Spur will be joined by our favourite rioting grrrrl Lola’s Bad how comes all the way from Greece for one of her much talked about live shows. Or from L.A. Or London. Or from around the corner. We have no clue, really.

ANTIME’s own Martin Steer (aka Midimúm) and label affiliate weirdo ABIGAIL will round off the evening with their highly energetic live performances which takes cues from droning, polyrhythmic Techno (Steer) and jacking Acid sounds (ABIGAIL). Before, inbetween and after sets ANTIME’s communications officer konkrit will alternate between 35 and 45rpm, 70 and 14 bpm and last but not least -8 to +8%.

● Spur LIVE
When young Spur first opened his mouth to emit something that would finally make sense to the world, it wasn’t a single word but a whole sentence. However, some twenty-something years later he prefers expressing himself through music. »Sometimes I really hate myself when I am talking – I’d rather say it with a chord or a progression of notes”, he says. Does he consider music to be an ersatz or maybe even a universal language? Not quite. »I see it as an extension of language.«

● Lola’s Bad LIVE
Lola’s Bad is a Greek-born producer, songwriter, director, actress, filmmaker and former dancer/choreographer; a modern day auteur now based in L.A. via London. Her sound is a complex amalgam of Electro-Pop, R&B and Bass music, sometimes introvert and sometimes built for the dancefloor.

● Martin Steer (aka Midimúm) LIVE
Martin Steer is the founder of the Berlin-based Electronica label ANTIME, guitarist in Frittenbude and sings in pandoras.box. His solo project (formerly called Midimúm) blends abstract, droning Techno with experimental guitar sounds in order to explore new utopias at the interface of analogue and digital means of production. Steer’s music is an ever evolving meeting place of futuristic sounds, dronescapes and sampled bits from the depths of the dark web surfing on noisy beats which occasionally give way to disembodied voices.

It’s time to finally fuck up the obsolete balls out discourse that’s been ruling the dancefloors once and for all, create an environment engendering horizontal and vertical individual experiences. ABIGAIL’s game for this kind of game as it’s ABIGAIL’s game. Sample aesthetics meet Acidic Techno. Come prepared.

● On Spur’s »Nowhereland«:
André Wittmann’s debut album under the moniker Spur was made with both the body and the mind in order to indulge in an odd but somehow familiar »dance of cultures« as the young Lübeck-based Bavarian calls it himself. »I find it disturbing to see how all those fields of music are still strictly separated until this day. I’d rather see them all combined«, he explains the idea behind »Nowhereland« which compiles a selection of the best cuts out of 20 to 30 compositions Spur perfected them during a month-long stay in Ghent in early 2014. On »Nowhereland«, semingly odd time signatures form the backbone of what are essentially club-orientated tracks. Spur, who started playing drums as child, took to other instruments like guitar, marimba, violin and piano and whose influences range from Hip Hop to Stravinsky and Flamenco or Gamelan, approaches songwriting both theoretically and intuitively. »I aim at putting the mind and the body in motion«, he sums up the idea behind the uniquely odd but somehow familiar »Nowhereland«.

»Nowhereland« is set for a physical and digital release in February via ANTIME.

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