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Norilsk by Alexander Gronsky


Norilsk by Alexander Gronsky is the latest photobook published by The Velvet Cell in a limited run of 500 copies.

After Pastoral (Contrasto Books, 2013) and Less Than One (Tycoon Books, Japan, 2014), Norilsk is Gronsky’s latest photobook to date based on a photographic series from 2013.

Whereas Pastoral, although clearly located in the soviet suburbia, opens up to nature and people, Norilsk carries a much darker tone: Norilsk is a photographic account of a devastated siberian industrial landscape, a journey through sheer decay and hopelessness, which simply leads nowhere.

Norilsk is a open wound created from the mud of the gulag and whose only objective is the extraction of minerals, achieved in a highly hostile environment and with huge side-effects such as pollution and decaying housing, a semi-abandoned landscape without a nature to reclaim it.

Only mud, concrete, and ice.

The photobook is available in our shop in Berlin and here.