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1UP Crew in Athens

The Berlin 1UP Crew just released a breakthrough video with simultaneous graffiti action captured by a drone in a breathtaking single 4-minute long take.

The action took place in Athens, Greece, sometime in December 2017.


Redscale – South Grove – Heavy Heavy | Urban Spree

Church of Moon – Swamp Conspiracy – DUSTOWN presents
« A Danger Can Of Thounderous Sludgy Headbangs »
FFO: Stoner, Blues, Sludge, Doom, Punk, Psych & Heavy RAWK!

« REDSCALE deliver large in tone and tonnage, bearing enough resonant mass to sate beast king and listener alike. Colosseum-sized chordage, hippodrome-heavin’ hooks and ziggurat-rockin’ rhythms are hammered and tempered in the grand sonic forge, until a set of eight amplified artifacts emerge. High-octane riffage and groovin’ emissions host a vocal conquest that is potent and total, bringing hard rain to a cold dawn and warm song to all there beyond. »
New album FEED THEM TO THE LIONS available on all digital streaming services, limited edition black vinyl in sleeve case with handmade printed labels now available on Bandcamp:

South Grove are four friends that grew up in Athens, who came together in Berlin to share something they love.
The fundament of their live performances is the energy, on which a mixture of stoner rock riffs and blues rhythms breathe through melodic breakdowns that end up tasting soulfully intense.

Berlin’s HEAVY HEAVY formed in early 2019 by members from the Ukraine, Finland and the US. Inspired by bands like Royal Blood, All Them Witches, Highly Suspect, Death From Above, they set out to rediscover dirty rock music, armed with gritty riffs and thunderous rhythms. DEBUT SINGLE OUT NOW!

20:00 doors (open – not the band!)
21:00 Heavy Heavy
22:00 South Grove
23:00 Redscale
00:00 The Ballroom Bang
feat. DJs Rob Monstar – Säsh Dustown – Gustav Moustache
« BRO – do you even riff?? » – yeth, we spliff ‘n’ riff !!!


Bambara (+ Holy Motors) • Berlin

Support: Holy Motors
27.05.2020 Urban Spree

Admission: 20:00 / Start: 21:00
VVK: 13.00€, plus fees
Tickets: http://bit.ly/2VujAZv

… presented by: GreyZone Concerts & Promotion

The one thing you can’t escape on BAMBARAS Stray is the blunt death. It is everywhere and inevitable, abstract and personified – perhaps the key to the whole record. Let yourself be surprised by the other companions of death on the meanwhile 4th album.

Bambara, consisting of twin brothers Reid and Blaze Bateh and William Brookshire from Athens, Georgia, have pushed their midnight sound further into the black depths of being since the release of their debut « Dreamviolence » in 2013.

It would be too easy to call « Stray » the « soundtrack of the graveyard ». You just finally did exactly what you had been after all along! The result is an exciting game between life and death!


ARE U DWN? :( [V V Rare Berlin Edition] Mr. Manic Release Party

The saddest party in Philadelphia now becomes the saddest party in Berlin :*(


Also -issa release party for the new Mr. Manic album MKULTRAVIOLET [drops 12 NOV]

Mr. Manic (Berlin / Philadelphia)
Karma She (Berlin / Tel Aviv)
Hooded Leaders (Philadelphia)
FlökosH X Dednewb ༨༄ (Athens)

Drag Ritual by Antina Christ X Christina Corpse

Al Niklaus (Night Shift)
Mr. Manic B2B Please (Hooded Leaders)

DOORS: 21:00 | SHOW: 22:00

Human Touch

Human Touch (Ethno Jazz)

Human Touch is an elevatingly innovative instrumental trio based in Athens, Greece. Their sound carries the nuances of their Greek,Irish, American and Cypriot backrounds and is a personal hybrid of universal soul. Between them they have played with Arturo Sandoval, Trilok Gurtu, Billy Cobham, Arild Anderson, Milcho Leviev, Davy Spillane, The Temptations, Barry White, The Camerata String Orchestra and others.

They have played in several international jazz and ethnic festivals in Europe, Turkey and the Balkans and have influenced whole generations of instrumentalists in Greece. Their unique multi– instrumental approach not only makes a visual impression but projects Human Touch’s limitless palette of rhythm, colour and emotional depth. Human Touch’s music is “lived” music. Each concert is its own experience and leaves its audiences uplifted and moved within. It’s no wonder they have been called “The Best Kept Musical Secret in the Balkans”.

Human Touch is:

David Lynch – Sax, Flute, Vocals, Percussion, Spontaneous Combustion
Yiotis Kiourtsoglou – Bass, Percussion, Facial Effects
Stavros Lantsias – Piano, Keyboard, Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Melodica, Curve Balls

Supported by the Cultural Services of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture.

Presale tickets available here.

Selofan, Da-Sein,Tango Mangalore

Herzschlag presents


(Fabrika Records, GR)

(Galakthorrö, ES)

Tango Mangalore
(Fabrika Records, GR)

After Party:

Hanzel, Jaakko + guest DJ Yrene

Music: //Cold Wave // Post-Punk // Minimal Synth // EBM //



Selofan is the greek term for Cellophane, a thin, transparent sheet, protecting items, keeping them fresh and allowing them to breathe while in storage. The music of the duo from Athens (Greece) is transparent, fresh and takes your breath away. It is strictly analogue, though alongside the synthesizers, drum-machines and loops a bass line, a dreamy piano and saxophone melody may surprise you.

The female voice narrates about love and the loss of it, about death and the fear of it, about sexuality and the repression of it, about addictions, psychological weaknesses or strengths, all our own personal ghosts, which distinguish humans from other species. The power and tenderness of the male vocals penetrate your senses directly.



Da-Sein is a duo consisting of Fernando O. Paino and Kas Visions, who at present reside in Madrid. The name « Da-Sein » refers back to Martin Heideggers’ « Sein und Zeit », and is a distillate for an attitude reflected in the music.

Far away from the theoretical starting point of the artists, the music in practice sounds as if it has been pre-destined take a place in the Galakthorrö Cosmos. You will hear gloomy Analogue Electronic deliberately reduced, in multiple forms from danceable to destructive, with distorted, mostly female vocals intoning Polish and English texts.



Tango Mangalore is a one man project that was a created some nautical miles away from the shores of Zanzibar aboard some vessel in the winter of 2013. The music reflects the very life of a morbid sailor (while actually being one, although it would seem bizarre for one to fathom )in a rather peculiar mixture of darkwave, deathrock, wave-noir & decadent cabaret.

I don’t actually see myself as a musician or a composer or anything that grandiose.