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Milk me presents : Distorted Pony/Cani Sciorri/Mark Boombastik

Distorted Pony (USA)
Legendary noise rock band heading from Los Angeles, they splitted up after 2 awesome LPs produced by Steve Albini himself.
After reforming, they are now touring Europe for the first time ever and you should not miss them!
As K-Fuel wrote:
“Melodies reminding of Joy division, a rhythm section close to Big Black/Shellac and metallic percussions in the vein of Neubauten: a rare moment not to be missed!!!”

Supporting band:
Cani Sciorri (IT)

“What do you get when you mix the Cherubs with equal parts Unsane and Led Zeppelin? Italy’s Cani Sciorri of course! They are here to rock your socks off and steal all of your beer. “
(Forbidden Place Records / band camp)



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B&B > Bastards / Boddinale

Institut Serbsky , your beloved psychiatric center is delighted to propose you a fantastic new activity to test your brain borders/disorders while havin fun 😀 yay!

The B&B Test

A special edition of Bastards night during the Boddinale.
To celebrate the 6th edition of the alternative film festival we’ll invite you for a further exclusive screening in the cave, together with live music & video art all night long on the main stage

Come and test efficiently your cognitive endurance
with a certified B&B assessment :

MAKOTO SAKAMOTO & Yukihiro Ikutani
Mireille Dark
Vj Chuu
…and more !
Exclusive Premiere of a Short films Festival, non stop screening in the cave

Results 100% accurate
You too prove everybody that you’re not that filthy psychopath 🙂 !

Tube Box Warm Up wit Mark Boombastik / K-The I??? / Debmaster / Optimisdfn

Milk Me presents ***TubeBox warm up @ Urban Spree


K-The I??? (US)

This experimental rapper and producer from Los Angeles released on Big Dada, Mush Rec and Fake Four.


Debmaster (France)

With his borderline obsessive ìwonkinessî, Julien Deblois, aka Debmaster, trims his mustache every day the same way he trims his music. A kind of tornado of bleeps finding its strength as much in hip-hop as
in more obscure genres such as Moldavian 8bit or African accordion.


Mark Boombastik (Hamburg)

One of the best and most experimental beatboxers from Germany, Mark Boombastik (born 1978 in Hamburg) started doing Human- Beatbox in the age of 12 after his acoustic- guitar broke into pieces because somebody stepped on it during a party at his flat…

Through the years he’s worked with a lot of different people, from Hamburg`s hip hop scene (Trainingslager, Fischmob) to electronic musicians ( Hofoku Soshi, Funkstrung, Patric Catani). Mark Boombastik puts his very raw and tight beats through special analogic effects so that he creates his songs live. In July 2005 Anaerobic Robots, his project with Felix Kubin and Jake, released a fabulous mini-album on Gagarin Records ( “Anearobic Robots”, 12″).

Other releases: “Denshi Sushi” (Hofoku Soshi / Plattenmeister) “I hate art galleries ” 7″ ( feat. Felix Kubin / Meeuw Muzak) “Egoist” ( Solotempo / Spezialmaterial) “Disconnected” (Funkstrung / !K7) “Brandy Cramps” (Candie Hank / Wilko) “Lassolegs” ( feat. Gina V. D`Orio,Disco Cabine / Lou Records)

OptimisGFN (US)

Rapper/Producer…Latest releases Young Whipper Snapper (I Had An Accident) and Iller Thriller (Hello L.A.). Combines soul music and electronic to breakbeats to create a unique sound and atmosphere

DJ support: toomassive (Hamburg)

SOLD OUT: Shortparis

Shortparis are well on their way to deserved international acclaim and already being heralded as “the best Russian live act”. Hailing from St. Petersburg and led by charismatic frontman Nikolay Komiagin, the band continues to build a reputation for its jaw-dropping ritualistic performances and dark, electronic soundscapes, as “irrational, spastic dance grooves” converge with “post-punk, experimental noise and acoustic chanson” to form a musical aesthetic that is one of a kind.

Performing in Russian, French and English, Shortparis are nothing short of a revelation as they aim to provide a fitting soundtrack to their everyday lives, a sound that mirrors St. Petersburg as it was and is. “You know, I constantly dream of coming across bands like Shortparis yet so rarely do,” writes John Doran of The Quietus. “Ambitious, bombastic, incredibly pretentious, erotic, thrilling, impossible to pin down, vaguely deviant, fun to dance to and full of revolutionary potential. Sure, if you listen hard enough you can hear them laughing but you would be a fool to make the mistake of presuming that they’re joking.”

Their music videos are almost equally intense and leave room for interpretation. Take the companion visuals to “Страшно” (Strashno / transl. “Scary”) for instance. The lyrics reflect a current state of anxiety as the visuals try to reveal a sort of ongoing hysteria. Only hours after filming at a school, someone called the police about possible terrorist activities: “Our music video is trying to manifest the state of some part of our generation. It is provocative and refers to some social tragedies, which are not reflected in our visual culture. Taboos and fears are opened up: no matter what is written in Arabic letters, ‘love’ or ‘friendship’, it must be terrorism, bald heads must mean nazis, and so on. But after all this play with meanings, only anxiety stays and it grows.”

12.04 NОМ – The Kings of St.Petersburg – in Berlin

NOM first time in Berlin with full line-up including their original vocalist Alexander Liver.

Nikolai Gusev: Keyboard/ vocal
Andrei Kagadeev: Bass guitar / vocal
Varvara Zverkova: Accordion / vocal
Alexei Zubkov: Electric guitar / vocal
Vadim Latyshev: Drums
Alexander Liver: vocal
Nikolai Kopeikin: vocal

NOM is an acronym for the Russian “Informal Youth Organization” (Neformalnoe Obyedinenie Molodezhi), the term used by the official Soviet press in the 80es. The band “NOM” appeared in St. Petersburg in 1987 as an absurdistic-ironical answer to rock bands in post-soviet Russia. The band used musical cliches mixed queerly together with elements of mimic show of idiots, thus reaching strong emotional effect over the audience.

“The kings of St.Petersburg” remain unique phenomenon of Russian music culture. For the 32 years of existence the band created their own style, in which you can discover elements of progressive rock, punk, electronic minimalism, symphonic music , Russian folk, Soviet music and even opera. Lyrics plays very important role for NOM who follows traditions of such bright representatives of modern Russian poetry like Nikolay Gogol, Daniil Kharms, Nikolay Oleynikov and others. Critics called NOM “The last bastion of ruthless Russian satire”.

Their discography includes 15 studio and 4 concert albums, several compilations, remixes, and a special release “Russisches scweine” on British Manufracture label.



ADM Solidarity Festival Saturday


Join us for the closing party ADM Solidarity festival in order to help raise money for 130 people evicted from their homes on the 7th of January 2019 –

Multi Subcultural Art Fair opening, featuring the sculpture garden. Mechanical installations by Luka Minotti (CH), Bastiaan Maris (NL), Robocross Machines (D/UK), and more.

Arson Art by Eddie Egal (Berlin) , Bands, Dj’s, circus and theatre performances along with a sub cellar cinema, all presented over three stages at Urban Spree.

For full information about the ADM and the festival itself, visit the festival website – http://www.adm-soliparty-berlin.de/

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