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Twoone: 100 Faces

After his residency at Urban Spree in July, Twoone is having a solo exhibition at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne. 100 Faces presents 100 portraits on canvas made by the Japanese artist over the past 2 years, since he relocated to Berlin in 2014.


« It all started when I began to capture people that I saw or met in the streets, public transport, bars, and cafes in my little sketchbook’s, using color pencil, and with my Olympus PEN EE-3 and Olympus PEN Trip, analog camera’s given to me by my friends and family.
I officially commenced work on this project when I left Melbourne in 2014 to relocate to Berlin, Germany and before that I had an extended stopover with my family in Japan. During this time a studio space wasn’t available for me to be able to make my larger works so I started to make my small watercolor pieces, without any intention to make this the large series that it is now.
I arrived in Berlin in April 2014, where I started to travel much more than ever thanks to the offers of mural projects and exhibitions all over Europe and abroad.



I was painting subjects that I saw in newspapers and magazines and then I started to feel the need to collect / or find my own subjects because after a while I struggled to find enough thought provoking images in this material, and I had a sort of feeling that I needed to record images from my real life experiences.
My practice of capturing people in public, then translated from my A5 Sketchbook to larger watercolor paintings which started to become my everyday habit, as I visited many new places, and could meet new people passing by, it became one of the important ways for me to capture not just the person I was drawing but also to capture that time and atmosphere of each place that I visited. »

The exhibition opens on October 21st until October 30th in Melbourne.


Twoone is also releasing a limited edition book with the 100 portraits, designed by Timba Smits. The book is a companion to the Berlin 2014-2016 published by Urban Spree and available here.