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Berlin Sessions x Urban Spree

Welcome to our Big Night out at Urban Spree! We are welcoming you for good music, strong drinks and a unique atmosphere!

*Street Art Garden
*Yummy Foodcourt
*Gallery show
*Techno Basement

With a yet warm applause, we are welcoming the following acts to the outdoor stage.

Mawn is the Welsh word for the first breath of the morning. For most people, that first inhalation is spent in a dream state; time spent in anticipation and lost in imagination. The titular Berlin band Mawn inspires a similar effect by blending downtempo melodies with soulful vocals and bold trip hop beats.
Garbanotas Bosistas
The music of Garbanotas Bosistas makes people happy everywhere it goes – from the courtyards of Lithuania to the forests of Latvia, from the business districts of Estonia to the homeland of The Beatles, passing the mountains of the Balkans and conquering the lands of the vikings. Every show witnesses the miracle of dreamy neo-kraut-psychedelic flowers growing out of the amplifyers, and the bassist is still curly. Yes, Garbanotas Bosistas means just that – a curly bass player.
Lui Dodds
Lui’s story is a story of perspectives. He moved to the UK from China when he was only nine. The diversity of the places he travelled at a young age helped Lui to grow up a keen observer. His observation and eye for detail eventually found its way into art and music, where Lui wrote about the stories that rose up in the world around him.
Winter & Winter
Winter & Winter create atmospheric and melodic songs with a drone blues heaviness mingled with cinematic folk noir sensibilities. The band features the voices and musicianship of the half turkish brothers Deniz and Can Winter together with drummer Hotte Schulz and multi-instrumentalist Martha Rose. The guitars, cymbals, strings and beats swallow you up into warm depths filled with delays and effects.
Pause Applause
New Zealand indie pop brotherhood Pause Applause, made the decision to leave their homeland in pursuit of new adventures 3 years ago and discovered what they were looking for amongst the creative inspirations of Berlin.
Great Danes
Hailing from New Zealand, Chester Travis (who performs under the moniker Great Danes) has been performing internationally for the past decade. Following tours in New Zealand, Australia, the US and Europe, he released his first EP this year after recording at the famous Funkhaus studios in Berlin. Great Danes’ self titled EP features a full band, vast and lush production and includes a duet with Grammy Award winning musician Kimbra (of Gotye’s ‘Somebody I Used To Know’).
Intermissions: Berlin Sessions DJ Team

Techno Floor
I dj humpstar I

10th of June @ Urban Spree doors: 15:00 ///////// concert Start: 16:00 ///////// end: late

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♥ We are really looking forward to enjoy this very special night with you ♥

Berlin Sessions x Urban Spree

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Berlin Sessions x Urban Spree this year!

We are welcoming you with drinks, good music and a unique vibe at Urban Spree!

With a yet warm applause, we are welcoming the following acts to the outdoor stage.

Mother’s Favorite Daughter
Angry guitars and beautiful voices. The duo from berlin combines dark lyrics with playful folky vibes.
Birds and Coughs
Birds and Coughs play unfiltered hydro lobster pop: A curious mixture of rock n roll, oblique harmonies, lighthearted grooves, coral reefs and crackling transparence.
Lucho is a Berlin based Spanish singer/songwriter, together with the American cellist Natasha Jaffe, they are playing a kind of spiritual and magical music with influences from Radiohead to Jose Gonzalez. They use to describe his music like a soundtracks for movies that haven´t been released yet.

Intermissions: Berlin Sessions DJ Team

02nd of June Urban Spree
doors: 16:00 ///////// concert Start: 16:30 ///////// end: 22:00

///////// entry: Donation (2€ is advised) will support Berlin Sessions Artist and all our future projects!

#berlinsessions – #urbanspree



Berlin Sessions presents: The Angelcy // Charlie Rayne // Enda Gallery // + Kleiderkreisel


Berlin Sessions Live + Kleiderkreisel


Kleiderkreisel Tauschparty
Keks d’Amour
secret acts with acoustic performance
cosy outdoor area

16.00-20.00: Klederkreisel Tauschparty
18.00-20.00: Secret Acts (outdoors)

All infos how the Kleiderkreisel Tauschparty is working:


Live 20.00-23.00:

theAngelcy (Israel)

Their fast-paced percussive groundwork, leads as a great combination to their folky traveller’s sound. Coming from Israel, they have picked up an eclectic group of influences upon their travels. Ranging from classical harmonies and blues to modern day folk music. There is no doubt that The Angelcy enjoyed Berlin’s ever growing music scene and we are happy they are back.


Charlie Rayne (Lebanon)

Charlie Rayne grew up in Lebanon and just recently started to roam the planet and play his wonderful music in other countries. During his youth he was heavly influenced by the music of Bob Dylan and other american songwriters. He uses his strong voice and melodic strumming rhythms to tell stories about love and loss.


Enda Gallery (Ireland)

We met Enda at the big charity Children concert early this summer, where he played guitar in the band and performed two of his own songs for a packed Festsaal Kreuzberg. The artist from ireland with the amazing voice just started his solo project and we are very happy to have him on board.

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Urban Spree Summer Sessions + Amor de Madre #Berlin Opening

The Urban Spree Summer Sessions are back in our Biergarten! Starting on Friday afternoon, we’ll offer you every Friday, Saturday and Sunday live outdoor music with the best of the Berlin street music scene. It also marks the grand opening of Amor de Madre, a new tattoo shop and residency situated in the outdoor area of Urban Spree.

Amor de Madre #Berlin is a new permenant tattoo studio built inside the garden of Urban Spree! We have selected the best tattoo artists we could find to build our team!

To celebrate the opening of our new studio we will give 50% off to the first 5 poeple to book a tattoo for the 3rd of June! To book please send a direct facebook message.

See you at the opening!

Music provided by ZAP and Jonattan Levingstone

Photo credit: @julianimkephotography.

Arabs Do It Better Berlin • 19.10.19 • Urban Spree

rabs Do It Better
Electronic Hafla • حفلة الكترونية

19.10.2019 | Saturday
١٩.١٠.٢٠١٩ | يوم السبت

Urban Spree
Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin

افتتاح الابواب: الساعة ٢٤:٠٠

Tickets at the entrance
10 euro
الدفع على الباب

ساحة الحفلة الاكتروني
DAVID PEARL (Arabs Do It Better)
Hadi Zeidan (Beirut Electro Parade)
MARWAN HAWASH (Arabs Do It Better)

SOUL KEBAB FLOOR | Funky sexy vinyls
ساحة السول كباب | موسيقى على اسطوانات
O-wais (Recordat)

The summer is long gone but Arabs Do It Better are bringing the sun back to Berlin with yet another warm and shiny party with the best electronic tunes from the Middle East and beyond spread on 2 floors featuring exciting guests.

In the ELECTRONIC HAFLA FLOOR the Arabs Do It Better crew – Marwan Hawash & David Pearl will host our very special guest:
Hadi Zeidan (Beirut Electro Parade)
who will take us to a special musical trip through his influences and futuristic Middle eastern sounds from his birth town Beirut.

In SOULKEBAB FLOOR dedicated to vinyl music, from funk and disco beats to the Mediterranean rhythm. In charge by o wais (Recordat).
The person behind and in front of the series of recording sessions, a collective and a record label for DJs and electronic music producers from across the Mediterranean.

Get ready to dance and sweat until the morning!

الصيف يمكن خلص، بس فريق ‘ارابز دو ات بطر’ راجعين ومرجعات معنا الشمس لبرلين مع حفلة الكترونية مع اجدد موسيقى من الشرق الاوسط والمنطقة، مع ساحتين رقص وموسيقيين برفعوا الراس!

في الساحة الالكترونية فريق الارابز دو ات بطر – مروان هواش ودافيد پيرل رح يستضيفوا عازف ومسوطن مميز:
هادي زيدان (Beirut Electro Parade)، اللي رح يوخدنا لرحلة موسيقية بتأثير عالمه الموسيقي من الشرق الاوسط وبالاخص مكان الولادة – بيروت.

ساحة الSoulKebab رح تتخصص لموسيقى على اسطوانات من عالم الفانك، الديسكو، الكلاسيكيات والايقاع الشرقي مع جامع الموسيقى الرائع O-Wais (Recodat).
ابراهيم هو مؤسس ‘ركوردات’, سلسلة جلسات تسجيل موسيقية، فريق مبني من عدة مسوطنين ومنتجي موسيقى الكترونية.

حضروا حالكو لليلة ملانة رقص وحب للصبح!

Listen • استمعو
HADI ZEIDAN > https://bit.ly/2kIKCwA
O-WAIS > https://bit.ly/2m2O0SY
MARWAN HAWASH > https://bit.ly/2oNWwUJ
DAVID PEARL > https://bit.ly/2C82Xeh


Urban Spree Summer Sessions w. Laura Guidi Trio

Our last Summer Session of the season! Let’s enjoy latesummer melancholia together…

Vibes provided by

Laura Guidi Trio

Bab al-Jinan will offer the delicious and popular meal, Falafel, in a way your mouth never tasted before, and other light vegan meals. Get your nourishment!

Inside we will have Off The Radar Booking at Urban Spree presenting K-the-I? with some live electronica and live rap in a way that has hardly been offered so far.

Let’s celebrate the end of the season with sensational outdoor live-music and the best vibes & bites.

See you in the beergarden!

The Urban Spree Summer Sessions are acoustic live concerts that happen every Friday & Saturday late afternoon in our fabulous beergarden. We will host live performances from the best Jazz, Soul, Funk, R&B and street bands Berlin has to offer. After sunset we take the party inside for the MILK ME club nights with secret DJ’s to keep you dancing all night long.

Come and join us for smooth outdoor vibes with the best of Berlin’s street musicians, alongside selected local street food vendors varying each week.

Let’s celebrate summer together and see us in the garden!

TATTOOSHOP will be open by Amor de Madre #Berlin



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