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Giardini di Mirò – Rise and Fall of Academic Drifting


Rise and Fall of Academic Drifting

Warm up: AGATA NON SOGNA dj set

presale: 10 euro at Wale Café, Hobrechtstrasse 24, 12047 Berlin
on-line KOKA36 / at the door: 13 euro


Giardini di Mirò

One of the most important albums in the history of Italian independent music is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary with a special tour, unique and unrepeatable, and for the first time “Rise and Fall of Academic Drifting” is reissued on double vinyl limited to 300 copies from 42 Records. The fate of the underground music is written that born discs and thought to be little more than a private matter in the life and career of the musicians who composed and recorded them end up representing a collective historical moment and mark deeply an era to become cult absolute.
“Rise and Fall of Academic Drifting”, the first album of the Giardini di Mirò, falls perfectly into this description.
Published for the first time in 2001 by the label Homesleep Bologna, at the dawn of what we commonly call Italian independent scene, he has achieved some very novel results ­ and perhaps never replicated ­ for an album almost entirely instrumental and characterized by the desire to look well beyond national borders.
So, after almost fifteen thousand copies sold in time, and hundreds of concerts in Italy and Europe behind, the Giardini di Mirò decided to propose it again to return to live in their entirety on stages some of the most important live Italian and European clubs.

“Toys” by Canemorto and Marco Proserpio

After the success of Amo-Te Lisboa, which premiered in Berlin at Urban Spree in November 2015, Canemorto is releasing a short sequel movie together with director Marco Proserpio.

Whereas Amo-Te Lisboa was sending out the boys back to the street to paint, Toys ironically signs the triumph of the contemporary art world, a universe where easy money and robbing wall paintings becomes a routine. The film focuses on the recent debate about the controversial exhibition Street Art: Banksy & Co: L’Arte allo Stato Urbano and the stealing of Blu’s wall-paintings in Bologna.

Toys contains indeed a unique exclusive interview with Camillo Tarozzi, the Italian restorer who made the discussed removals of Blu’s works, filmed by Marco Proserpio in January 2016.

Serbinale – Festival of New Serbian Arts and Culture


Serbinale is a Berlin curated 4-day Festival of New Serbian Arts and Culture, spanning 3 locations: Kino Babylon, General Public Gallery & Urban Spree

Urban Spree Gallery hosts the events of the 3rd day (August 31st) as well as the Serbinale party.


19:00: Paneldiscussion: OstFrauen / with:

Tanja Ostojic, a conceptual artist who constantly questions international and national political decisions and gives feminism a provocative voice.

Danijela Pilic, a best-selling author, journalist and fashion blogger

Stereotype: Eastern European women want at any costs to come to Germany. They are feminine, blonde and sexy. Marry German men. For money. Google entry for „Eastern European Women“ results in countless dating services. This shows very clearly what kind of image eastern european women have in Germany.

The problem: this pictures distorts the image of many Eastern European women who live in Germany and are successful, independent and beautiful, but are not „for sale.“ How do they deal with these clichés?

We want to consider lifestyles, question the ideas of identity and belonging, and thus make a strong Eastern European woman visible.

21:00: Vernissage: Side Effects

Urban Spree Gallery presents an exhibition of the new serbian art scene of graphic design, illustration and visual arts.

noticeBiskoteka: http://biskolart.tumblr.com/

Bratislav Milenkovic: www.bratislavmilenkovic.com

Jovan Trkulja www.petergregson.com/blog

Lazar Bodroza: www.metaklinika.com

Mane Radmanovic: www.maneradmanovic.com

Milica Pantelic: www.panteliceva.blogspot.com

Nenad Trifunovic: www.metaklinika.com


Sretan Bor: www.cargocollective.com/sretanbor

Stefan Unkovic: www.stefanunkovic.com

Zeljko Loncar: www.zeljkoloncar.blogspot.com



23:00: Serbinale Party

DJ Sets:


Tijana T
Tijana Todorovic is a Serbian multi-talent living in Belgrade, who is locally and internationally recognized as a vocalist, DJ and TV presenter. Tijana has a decade long career in making music TV shows in Serbia during which she has established herself as an influential figure on the new Serbian music scene. Between 2003 and 2008. she was also a spokeslady for the famous Exit festival and was also an author and presenter of Exit-related TV shows. Tijana is also a DJ and a regular vocal contributor for Abe Duque.

She has played worldwide in such places as Robert Johnson/Frankfurt, Watergate/Berlin, Space/Ibiza, Goa/Madrid, Elysee Montmartre/Paris, Les Nuits Sonores/Lyon, Cassero/Bologna, Roof/Moscow. She also hosts parties in Belgrade bringing her international friends to join her on the decks. These parties have introduced Sascha Funke, M.A.N.D.Y, Heidi, Damian Lazarus, Gebruder Teichmann among others to Serbian capital.

Jenne Grabowski 

. Even Drones / DNP Music Berlin
. The Dusty Cabinets
. Tour DJ of The Whitest Boy Alive 2012
. Publishing JB. Magazine

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